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The Countdown

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

This is the month! When I signed with Acorn in the fall, July seemed so far away. What could possibly take so long to get my book out to the masses? The process appeared rather simple at first glance, but I quickly learned there is more to publishing a book (at least a quality book) than doing some edits and pressing the "publish" button.

Two rounds of content editing, at least five rounds of copy editing, the disappointment in the first cover designer (which I finally let go) and the back and forth of the second designer and the publisher until we all finally "agreed" on the cover, the mishaps of imputing incorrect information that led to the pulling of hair, headaches and the wonderment of how I have survived in this world for as long as I have, and the tangle of "do this before this, but not after this" web that I think I'm still stuck in.

But here's the thing; I'm grateful for the process and I am excited to share my story to as many who want to read it. Shoes on the Stairs originated from my own parental frustrations and in a way, this novel is a new birth, a new child that has no doubt frustrated me, but has also brought me joy in a way only a child can. Birthing is hard, but when that baby comes into the world and looks into your eyes, everything you've endured to get to that point is worth it.


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